Welcome to my page about THE greatest game of all time. There will be six sections on this page: Overview, Story, Weapons, Characters, Enemies, Reception

SECTION 1: Overview Edit

Half-Life is a first-person shooter released by VALVe in 1998. The game uses a heavily modified version of id Software's Quake engine. The new engine was called GoldSrc. In the game, the player assumes control of protagonist Dr. Gordon Freeman, an MIT Graduate in Theoretical Physics.

The first thing that made this game different from previous FPS games was the removal of cinematic cutscenes. Instead, the player can freely move about while another focal character is talking, so as not to distract from the experience.

SECTION 2: Story Edit

At the beginning of Half-Life, the player is being transported to the Black Mesa Research Facility, in order to assist in an experiment in the Anomylous Materials lab. Freeman is instructed to push the test sample into the laser beam, which causes a resonance cascade. This opens a portal between the real world and the alien world of Xen.

After blacking out, Freeman wakes up to find the whole facility falling down around him, with death and destruction all around him. He has to find his way out of the facility, and up to the surface for help. This is where...

<Insert Reader Name Here> goes onto the internet and downloads the Steam client. After doing this, he/she proceeds to purchase and download the Half-Life 1 Anthology for £8.99. He/she then loads up the game, and proceeds to play it.

SECTION 3: Weapons Edit

There are a wide range of weapons in Half-Life. I will list them in the order they appear in your inventory.

'''Crowbar''' The crowbar is the best most iconic weapon in Half-Life, and does what you expect it to do.

'''9mm Pistol''' The 9mm Pistol is a pistol. Let's try again. *clears throat*. Aw, screw it. The 9mm pistol is a pistol. That's it.

'''Colt .357''' The Colt is similar to a real-life Magnum, and is VERY powerful. Can kill most enemies with a single headshot.

'''9mm Assault Rifle''' The Assault Rifle is basically HL2's SMG. It has rapid fire, like you'd expect, and also a mounted grenade launcher.

'''12 Gauge Combat Shotgun''' The Shotgun is a very powerful weapon at close range. It can be deadly if the secondary fire is used, which fires rounds out of both barrels rather than just one.

'''Crossbow''' The Crossbow is Half-Life's equivalent of a sniper rifle, and has a long-range aiming device. The bolt takes slightly longer to reach your target than most weapons, but is quite powerful.

'''Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher''' The RPG is a rocket launcher with a nifty red dot sight, which allows you to change to course of the rocket in mid-flight.

'''Tau/Gauss Cannon''' This is an experimental weapon designed to force back the aliens in Black Mesa. The weapon is powered by depleted uranium canisters, and fires a beam of energy. If the secondary trigger is held for too long, the weapon backfires on the user, damaging them significantly.

'''Gluon Gun''' The Gluon gun shares ammunition with the Tau/Gauss Cannon. It fires a more powerful beam of energy than the Tau Cannon, and the secondary fire can be held for an infinite period of time and not backfire on the user.

'''Hivehand/Hornet Gun''' The Hornet Gun fires a homing projectile at the target, and is harvested from a certain alien enemy, as they use the same weapon against you.

'''Fragmentation/Hand Grenade''' The Frag grenade is basically a thrown explosive. Most ALL FPS players may should recognize it.

'''Satchel Charge''' The satchel charge is a manually detonated explosive, and can be placed on a surface, then remotely detonated from a safe distance. It is very powerful in comparison to the Frag, but then again, it makes more danger for the user. The primary fire throws a single satchel charge, and if pressed again, detonates it. However, if the secondary trigger is pressed before detonation, additional charges can be thrown in separate location. If the primary trigger is pressed THEN, all the planted satchel charges will detonate.

'''Laser Tripmine''' The tripmine is meant to be planted on walls, and projects a blue beam onto the adjacent surface. When ANY object or person passes throught the laser, it explodes, instantly killing anyone within the vicinity.

'''Snarks''' Snarks are small alien creatures which can be thrown at human enemies. The snarks, when thrown, will bite and tear the flesh from the nearest human. Yes, that include the player. If the snark is thrown when no enemies are nearby, they will turn back on the thrower.

SECTION 4: Characters Edit

'''Dr. Gordon Freeman''' Gordon Freeman, as desribed by G-Man a key character, is "the right man in the wrong place" which could apparently make "all the difference in the world". So true.

'''Dr. Isaac Kleiner''' I am unsure whether he appears in HL1, but I suppose most of the generic scientists could be dubbed as "Dr. Kleiner", just as all the security guards are dubbed are "Barney Calhoun".

'''Dr. Eli Vance''' Eli Vance is not introduced by name until HL2, but the coloured scientist who tells you to go and get help right after the resonace cascade is infact Eli Vance. He is on of the small group of survivors from Black Mesa, the others being Gordon, Kleiner, Magnusson (explained in HL2: Episode 2), Barney Calhoun, and a few others.


SECTION 5: Enemies Edit